Video For New Song

Video For New Song

Countries affected by the coronavirus are showing that community solidarity can go on, even during a pandemic. Directed Thursday Yesterday, a message of love and thanks to Egypt's doctors for their great role in the light of the current crisis of the spread of the Corona virus, and she said in a video through her account on Instagram” website, A love letter to Egypt's doctors and their assistants and all the medical staff assisted … You are the hidden army that protected Egypt and the people of Egypt.
Producer iMarkkeyez made a trap-EDM remix that uses a clip of Cardi B yelling about her coronavirus anxieties and frustrations at government inaction on her Instagram Ever the queen of social media, Cardi posted about the track and in a day it climbed to No. 5 (and counting) on the iTunes hip-hop chart.

The influencer tweeted that the entire US would be "going into quarantine" for two weeks, although it's unclear what he thinks that quarantine would consist of. Authorities are recommending that US citizens practice social distancing and in some states, steps are being taken to prohibit groups of people above a certain number from gathering.
Over the last week and a half, as the COVID-19 pandemic has sent billions around the world scrambling into quarantine, D-Nice, 49, has emerged as perhaps the hottest name in pop culture, a majordomo of a music universe that is reconstituting itself online in performances livestreamed on social media platforms.

When his recording career hit the skids, he found a new line of work in the music business as a photographer, doing shoots for magazines and album covers. Rita Wilson, the actress, singer and wife of Tom Hanks is currently under self-quarantine after contracting the coronavirus, to keep herself from going "stir crazy" she posted this video to Instagram.
Some of the viral, debunked conspiracies about the coronavirus are being perpetuated by figures on social media with large followings - influencers and celebrities. Joe Meyers was feeling a little depressed on Tuesday night in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic.

He now gets a constant stream of supportive messages from people all over the world, and some fans have been so caught up in his "Fully Sick Rapper" alter-ego that they send him photos of themselves acting out scenes from his videos. As the global coronavirus pandemic worsens , so has the spread of misinformation, fake news, and outright hoaxes about how to stay safe and what's going to happen during periods of quarantine and social distancing.
Bored in the House by Curtis Roach is an upbeat rap song and it is perfect to beat quarantine and self isolation blues. The Florida rapper posted-and-deleted an Instagram post, in which he jokingly wished that the virus' effects on the entertainment industry would last until he gets out of prison.
Get the latest coronavirus analysis and research from Business Insider Intelligence on how COVID-19 is impacting businesses. Thankfully, music fans around the world are banding together to create stacks of playlists to get us through this trying time. I hope to have a record out for the fans in 2020,” the rapper said, when asked what his plans were following the second leg of his North American tour.

The rapper told his fans to obey CDC guidelines to self-isolate , saying chill” and watch Sportscenter”. America's diagnosed coronavirus cases are growing exponentially, while the majority of us are processing the news in real time from our quarantined homes. If we can connect in this chat room while I'm playing music, then we'd all have a good time.